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At Secure Hosting WP, we work hard to make this easy for you by providing step by step instructions and support for the services we offer.

Help is on the way! Keeping organized in help sections to help you find what you are looking for!

Account Support and Domains

Account Management

Get support on how to manage your account, change your passwords, billing information, call in pin, hosting, domains and more.

Hosting Gateway Help

What kind of hosting do you have? How to change your domain? How to change FTP passwords or hit a rest on your hosting?


Get support on managing domains, how to change the DNS, forward and more.

Hosting Help and Support

Managed WordPress Hosting

Find out how to set up your Managed WordPress Hosting and support topics related to your WordPress hosting.

Linux Hosting with cPanel

Get support for your hosting using cPanel. Set up WordPress easily installation with installatron™ tools in your cPanel.

Plesk Hosting

Plesk hosting is not common or recommended for WordPress, but it can be installed. See how to install WordPress on Plesk.

Security Tools and Services

SSL Certificates

Find out how to set up and install your SSL certificate to make your site secure and get better rankings on search engines.

Email Services and Accounts

Email Workspace

Find out how to set up and install your workspace emails, settings for desktop and mobile devices. 

Email Marketing

Find out how to set up and install your email marketing account, using the drag n drop editor that saves you time to market your business. 

Fax Thru Email

Find out how to set up and install your fax through email with any device anywhere.

Organization and Business Tools


Get help and support in using your online calendar and share settings.

Extra Cloud Storage

Support on how to manage your online storage and how to organize your files.


Support on how to manage and work for better Search Engine Optimization!

Other Tools and Services

Website Builder

This is not a WordPress tool you can use but it may help you with a quick temporary site till you get a WordPress site going! Contact us if you need help or have questions doing this!

Quick Shopping Cart

This is not a WordPress shopping cart but you can use this quick shopping cart in a subdomain that goes right along with a well designed WordPress site or stand alone! 

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