Subscribing to specials, updates, security information just got easy!

The team at Secure Hosting WP wants to make sure we make securing your WordPress or any other platform you choose on Secure Hosting WP as easy as possible now by giving you desktop or mobile push notifications when you subscribe. Even if it is simply to remind you that you need to keep up with your updates and when they are released. No other hosting keeps you informed with such an easy way of reminders.

Securing your WordPress site, hosting, other content management platforms is always of high priority for us at Secure Hosting WP.

These awesome visual reminders, we think, will help you stay informed and on top of managing your WordPress (or many other platforms we offer) in your account. If you don’t have to host with Secure Hosting WP, you can still subscribe.

We make it easy to subscribe!

When you go to Secure Hosting WP, you will be prompted to subscribe. We encourage you to do so to get latest specials, security updates and more without having to constantly check back on the site! It’s that easy!

If you choose not to subscribe at your first visit (you may be on a public computer somewhere) then you can always choose to later subscribe by clicking the GREEN bell. 


If you ever want to unsubscribe for whatever reason, even if temporary, just visit the site, click the bell and unsubscribe. You can always subscribe again whenever you want!

We promised a dedication to making your experience as easy as possible for all of our supported domain and hosting clients. This is just one way we keep YOU up to date.

We hope as we are coming up with such great tools to use for subscribers, you will find out how we really roll at Secure Hosting WP.

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