Now through March 1st 2018, switch your hosting to Secure Hosting WP and we will install security for your WordPress site.

Our mission is to make sure your WordPress site is secured as much as possible by using a combination of tools and settings to keep your WordPress site from hacks. Now is a good time to make sure that your site is secure with what we know works.

  1. Limited to one WordPress site per transfer ( we can secure all your WordPress sites for an additional fee )
  2. Has to be a WordPress site, however if you are using hosting for another platform, you can get the web security service.
  3. This does not include and SSL certificate, however you can purchase an affordable SSL certificate for your site. Even support can help you with installation.

What does security include?

Securing down your site and monitoring for your site sent directly to your email. (or WE can monitor your site at a low monthly fee)

Securing login

Hiding or renaming vulnerable WordPress core files

We can help with transfer of a current WordPress site over to your new Secure Hosting WP.

No other hosting company will offer this. This part is a snag that many don’t want to change hosting accounts. Here at Secure Hosting WP, we have been in those shoes and can offer transferring your site over to your new Managed WordPress Hosting or cPanel hosting account.

For a minimal fee we can help you transfer over your current WordPress site, over to Secure Hosting WP. Just contact us so we can look over your existing site and give you a free quote.


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