Switch to Secure Hosting WP and we will install security for WordPress

Now through March 1st 2018, switch your hosting to Secure Hosting WP and we will install security for your WordPress site.

Our mission is to make sure your WordPress site is secured as much as possible by using a combination of tools and settings to keep your WordPress site from hacks. Now is a good time to make sure that your site is secure with what we know works.

  1. Limited to one WordPress site per transfer ( we can secure all your WordPress sites for an additional fee )
  2. Has to be a WordPress site, however if you are using hosting for another platform, you can get the web security service.
  3. This does not include and SSL certificate, however you can purchase an affordable SSL certificate for your site. Even support can help you with installation.

What does security include?

Securing down your site and monitoring for your site sent directly to your email. (or WE can monitor your site at a low monthly fee)

Securing login

Hiding or renaming vulnerable WordPress core files

We can help with transfer of a current WordPress site over to your new Secure Hosting WP.

No other hosting company will offer this. This part is a snag that many don’t want to change hosting accounts. Here at Secure Hosting WP, we have been in those shoes and can offer transferring your site over to your new Managed WordPress Hosting or cPanel hosting account.

For a minimal fee we can help you transfer over your current WordPress site, over to Secure Hosting WP. Just contact us so we can look over your existing site and give you a free quote.


Subscribe to Important Notifications

Subscribe to Important Notifications

Subscribing to specials, updates, security information just got easy!

The team at Secure Hosting WP wants to make sure we make securing your WordPress or any other platform you choose on Secure Hosting WP as easy as possible now by giving you desktop or mobile push notifications when you subscribe. Even if it is simply to remind you that you need to keep up with your updates and when they are released. No other hosting keeps you informed with such an easy way of reminders.

Securing your WordPress site, hosting, other content management platforms is always of high priority for us at Secure Hosting WP.

These awesome visual reminders, we think, will help you stay informed and on top of managing your WordPress (or many other platforms we offer) in your account. If you don’t have to host with Secure Hosting WP, you can still subscribe.

We make it easy to subscribe!

When you go to Secure Hosting WP, you will be prompted to subscribe. We encourage you to do so to get latest specials, security updates and more without having to constantly check back on the site! It’s that easy!

If you choose not to subscribe at your first visit (you may be on a public computer somewhere) then you can always choose to later subscribe by clicking the GREEN bell. 


If you ever want to unsubscribe for whatever reason, even if temporary, just visit the site, click the bell and unsubscribe. You can always subscribe again whenever you want!

We promised a dedication to making your experience as easy as possible for all of our supported domain and hosting clients. This is just one way we keep YOU up to date.

We hope as we are coming up with such great tools to use for subscribers, you will find out how we really roll at Secure Hosting WP.

Save Now through Feb 14th

Save Now through Feb 14th

Now is the time to shop and get up to 15% off of new orders. Save on Domains, hosting, and other new purchases to get your business or personal website to a new start! You only have until February 14th, 2018 for this special offer!

Save 15%

on new purchases of $75 or more.*

Use promo code rs118a2

Save 10%

on new purchases of $50 or more.*

Use promo code rs118b2

Save 5%

on new purchases of $25 or more.*

Use promo code rs118c2

*Some limitations apply. Applicable to new purchases only. Enter promo code into the shopping cart to see full details. Offer expires 02/14/2018
Get hosting for WordPress on a Monthly Budget!

Get hosting for WordPress on a Monthly Budget!

We know that sometimes starting up a small business and including a budget for a website doesn’t always cross your mind! Some hosting companies want an annual hosting cost up front which could really dig into your pocket for upfront costs of having a website.

How to get hosting for WordPress Sites on a monthly Budget?

With Secure Hosting WP, we have made the exception and want you to be able to start or keep your online presence in an affordable way. For some, it might be easier to budget your hosting on a monthly basis instead of coming up with upfront annual costs for hosting. That’s why we offer Managed WordPress Hosting and cPanel hosting packages with a monthly payment option. Just select which hosting option you need and add to your cart. Once you check out, then select from the drop-down selection if you want to choose the annual payment or a monthly payment.

We want to see you succeed with your website, so giving this extra monthly hosting option will get much more started and fit into an affordable monthly hosting budget.

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