It is always important to backup and do the WordPress core updates for your site. Most of the time, WordPress updates deal with ongoing security issues and bugs. This Version 4.9.2 deals with some security issues.

See the WordPress Core Version4.9.2 Update Details here.

Keep an eye on your WordPress site in the next few days because normally plugins and themes follow core updates.

If you need a team to do your updates, feel free to contact us.

Here are some other ways of keeping your WordPress sites secure:

  1. Install a proven security plugin for WordPress. You can see some of the recommended on our WordPress resource page.
  2. Install an SSL on your hosting to secure your site. See our SSL Certificate plans. You can even install one to cover all of your sites in your WordPress hosting.
  3. If you feel like your site has been compromised, you can use a web security clean up of your site. Or get a website security service to give that extra protection.


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