See the new WordFence Dashboard look with the new updates this week.

You should always use some type of security to keep your WordPress site secure. One of our Top 3 Security Plugins for WordPress called WordFence has a new look and dashboard with the new update this week.

When you do the update for Wordfence you will be prompted to see the new dashboard for Wordfence. We suggest you go ahead and take the tour because it has changed the way you can change your settings and monitor your WordPress site. Just hit the NEXT button of only 3 steps to give you the simple dynamic tour Wordfence has now. If you want to learn more, you will see a “Learn more about the Dashboard” link in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard.

Hit NEXT and you get a prompt to where to go to easily add to your monitoring with tools to show you how protected you are. Protection in the firewall section settings to keep your WordPress site secure and easy SCAN link to scan your site for monitoring security.

Hit NEXT and it shows you your Global Option settings for each section of WordFence, alerts and you have the option now to sign up for automatic updates which we highly recommend so you will always be prepared and not have to worry if you are behind in updates and leaving your site open for attacks.

Hit GOT IT and you are done with the quick tour.

Wrap up of the new WordFence update:

Always keep your site protected and updated when it comes to security. WordFence has made this easy for you now.

You will see in real time how security is working on your site and their stats working for all of their customers and plugin users.

There is no longer IP Blocking except for premium users. We have used this on many WordPress sites and hope they bring it back for the free version, but for now, if you have a lot of attacks and spam trying to get into your site, then, of course, the Premium version would be worth it. Especially for sites that have comments enabled and social sites.

Wordfence has been a very good monitoring tool to keep your site secure and this is a dedicated team to securing sites as well as premium services to help you clean up a site if you have been hacked.

We once again recommend that you update and use Wordfence 7, especially with this new user-friendly interface dashboard!

If you have a WordPress site and need help with installation of settings of WordFence, or help to monitor your site, just contact us for a quote.

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